New York Times

NSA Halts Collection of Americans' Emails About Foreign Targets
New York Times
Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat who has long been a critic of N.S.A. surveillance, said that he would introduce legislation codifying the new limit. The law that authorizes the program, the FISA Amendments Act, is up for renewal at the end of 2017.
NSA to stop collecting some internet communicationsCNBC
NSA halts controversial email collection practice to preserve larger surveillance programWashington Post
NSA To Limit Some Collection Of Internet CommunicationNPR
CBS News -TechCrunch -The Verge
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NSA halts Section 702 'upstream' collection
A provision of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act authorizes the NSA to monitor internet traffic without a warrant and sweep up any communications that simply mention a foreign target, regardless of whom the email is actually from ...

Lawfare (blog)

Who Is Publishing NSA and CIA Secrets, and Why? - Lawfare
Lawfare (blog)
There's something going on inside the intelligence communities in at least two countries, and we have no idea what it is.

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NSA ends surveillance tactic that pulled in citizens' emails, texts
Techworld Australia
The U.S. National Security Agency will no longer sift through emails, texts and other internet communications that mention targets of surveillance. The change, which the NSA announced on Friday, stops a controversial tactic that critics said violated U ...
Spy Agency Abandons Controversial Surveillance TechniqueFortune
Traitor or hero, Snowden still a success on college lecture circuitMiami Herald

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Appeals to NSA college expansion could be coming
Moscow-Pullman Daily News
While the Moscow Board of Adjustment approved New Saint Andrews College's conditional use permit application to allow the college to expand into the former Cadillac Jack's building on North Main Street, an appeal to the board's decision could be ...

The Intercept

Japan Made Secret Deals With the NSA That Expanded Global ...
The Intercept
It began as routinely as any other passenger flight. At gate 15 of New York City's JFK Airport, more than 200 men, women, and children stood in line as they ...
Snowden releases new docs on NSA spy partnership with JapanTRUNEWS

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NSA blimp spied on U.S. citizens
An NSA spying blimp known as the Hover Hammer was seen by several residents of Maryland, according to The Intercept. “To residents of Maryland, catching an occasional glimpse of a huge white blimp floating in the sky is not unusual. For more than a ...


Leaked Documents Reveal the NSA Spying on Scientists to Find ...
A new document made public this week via Edward Snowden's leak of NSA documents reveals a fascinating aim of signals intelligence program: The agency, ...

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The Intercept

NSA Blimp Spied in the United States - The Intercept
The Intercept
To residents of Maryland, catching an occasional glimpse of a huge white blimp floating in the sky is not unusual. For more than a decade, the military has used ...
Snowden document: NSA launched spy balloon test from Solomons ...Baltimore Sun

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